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The AirLogics Advantage

Our degreed and licensed professionals are scientists, engineers, and consultants with subject matter experience who can help you better achieve your site management goals.  From planning to execution to post-mobilization reporting, AirLogics can assist you reduce your risk.

Professional Services

The primary advantages of AirLogics over traditional rental equipment providers are:

State of the Art. 
Industry Leader.

We are experts in field gas chromaphotography (GC).  Our field GCs provide compound-specific VOC data. Our competitors simply cannot promise this, because they do not use field GCs. With so many potential sources of background contamination, our state-of-the-art field GCs provide the detailed data and information you need to make informed decisions. 


Numerous stakeholders can benefit from actionable, real-time data. Real-time management of air quality, rather than passive measurement and retrospective documentation, helps users immediately identify potential emissions and begin corrective action.  Responsible parties can reduce liability, manage risk, and improve community relations. 



Understanding air quality is our business.  Our equipment is adaptable
and effective in many settings where real-time data and risk management
are essential.

Rock Formation

AirLogics offers air quality monitoring services to clients who wish to:

  • Manage their risk associated with the potential off-Site migration of airborne contaminants, site constituents, odor, or emissions.

  • Establish baseline or background air quality in their neighborhoods or sites

  • Measure or improve their indoor air quality.

Services & Equipment

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AirLogic’s “Classic” system is our most robust monitoring system and can measure Compound-specific VOCs (via a robust field GC), particulate (i.e. dust), and weather.


AirLogics’ “SolarLite” systems are more flexible than the Classic.  Although they cannot provide the compound-specific VOC analysis like the Classic system, they can measure Total VOCs (via a PID), particulate (i.e., dust) and weather.


AQS-1 and the Dust Sentry are our newest and most nimble, modular, and customizable air monitoring system.  Real-time total VOC’s (PID), dust (PM2.5, PM10, TSP), O3, NO2, noise.


Temperature controlled enclosures that ensures accurate readings. Advance diagnostics and analysis software that detects when the sensor parameters are sub optimal and alerts the user that a replacement is required.


The WXT536 and Met One meteorological monitoring equipment is low-maintenance and high performance.


Our high volume PUF air sampler can be used to collect samples for airborne particulates, volatile organic compounds, and airborne pesticides.  


A total suspended particulate (TSP) sampler, or TSP high volume air sampler, is used for the collection of TSP matter in ambient air with no preference to size selection.

Project Locations

AirLogics has completed air monitoring programs approximately
190 sites in 18 states since 2000.  




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