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Demolition projects are some of the dustiest operations in the contracting world.  And, many older buildings contain hazardous elements that may generate potentially harmful dust when disturbed or demolished.
Our direct-reading, real-time particulate meters monitor dust particles < 10 microns in diameter (PM10), < 2.5 microns (PM2.5), or total suspended particulate (TSP).

Our newest dust monitoring equipment contains proven sensor analyzer modules with near-forward, light-scattering nephelometer and high-precision, sharp-cut cyclone – with a measurement range of 0-60,000 μg/m3.  The patented technology in our sensors delivers data with very strong correlation to U.S. EPA-approved reference monitors over extended periods of time – up to several years, with appropriate maintenance.  In head-to-head tests with traditional U.S. EPA-approved analyzers, the AirLogics AQS 1 machine has shown R2 correlations as high as 0.98.

0024 Airlogics - Rahway.jpg

This technology is much closer to an EPA reference analyzer than the typical handheld devices that our competitors put in their tri-pod systems. Their handheld monitors are simply not designed for 24/7 sampling—AirLogics equipment is. Using sensor analyzer technology found in the AirLogics equipment, sensor stability is greatly increased, delivering consistent responses over longer periods of time. This means that high-dust readings “clear” much more quickly and rapidly return to assessing real-time conditions.  This also means calibration is required less regularly, as the sensor remains “in calibration” for weeks and months rather than mere days.

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