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Oil & Gas

AirLogics’ real time methane monitors support the collection of data to help quantify and reduce
methane emissions.

There is a growing movement to develop “certified” or “responsibility sourced” natural gas. This is natural gas that has been produced by companies whose operations, assets, and processes have been independently verified as achieving certain environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. 

The certifications are rendered by third-party entities that position themselves as independent entities. 

Although there are numerous certifications out there that producers can apply for, some require data-based measurements of air emission reductions that address the up, mid, and down-stream elements of the natural gas supply chain.

QMRV, which stands for the quantification, monitoring, reporting and verification, is a set of steps that can be used to achieve your goals for your greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Quantification is the ability to measure emissions through technology rather than through estimated or factor-based calculations

  • Monitoring using measurement technology to identify emission events, whether in
    real-time or from fixed-based laboratories

  • Reporting emissions data, which assumes some level of disclosure and transparency
    for your data

  • Verification implies some level of independent review compared to a standard

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