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The History of AirLogics, LLC

AirLogics occupies a unique place in the environmental consulting and air monitoring sector.  Our company was formed from a top-tier environmental consultancy that was trying to help a client manage their risk on a remediation site.  In developing a solution to reduce their risk, an innovative and patented air monitoring system was born.  From there, a company was built around that system.  What evolved was a company that appears to be a rental equipment company, but functions like and has the sensibilities of a professional consulting firm, including the professional staff, expertise, and attention to solving our clients problems.  We are proud of the position that AirLogics occupies in the environmental and air monitoring space. 


Here are some of our company milestones…

In 1998, AirLogics, LLC, was formed as a joint venture between South Jersey Gas (SJG) and GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. (GZA) to provide perimeter air quality monitoring services during remediation of SJG’s former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites. The AirLogics system was designed under the leadership of GZA’s Adam M. Fasano, CIH, with the support of SJG’s Director of Environmental Affairs, Bruce A. Scamoffa.  

In 2000, Fasano was issued patent No. 6,114,964, “Systems and Methods for Fenceline Air Monitoring of Airborne Hazardous Materials."  The patent award strengthened our position in the market and helped drive our success.



In 2006, AirLogics became a wholly owned subsidiary of GZA. We expanded our services to provide perimeter monitoring to other site owners and consultants. 

The AirLogics system is recognized as the “Industry Leader” by many in the MGP remediation industry and regulatory community.  The system has been used at approximately 190 sites in 18 states since 2000.  

Today, AirLogics and GZA remain connected, however we operate as an independent operation. AirLogics still benefits from access to parent company GZA’s 750-person, well-respected engineering and consultancy, which provides a deep bench of resources in related disciplines (air permitting, modeling, consulting, as well as health & safety and other natural science disciplines). 

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