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Our People


Meet The Airlogics Team


Bill McClellan

Sr. Technical Specialist

Mr. McClellan has been with AirLogics since 1998. He is our foremost perimeter air monitoring specialist. He also has a deep understanding of field gas chromaphotography (GC). Having been directly involved in nearly every one of our 185 deployments of AirLogics equipment since 1998, he understands the components of a successful perimeter air monitoring program, including identification and placement of the correct monitoring equipment to gather data, the associated telemetry required to transmit that data, as well as the review and interpretation of that data. Mr. McClellan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Science/Geology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.


Tyler Rau


Mr. Rau has been with AirLogics since 2014.  He is responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining our perimeter air monitoring equipment.  He specializes in our field GCs, which he repairs, maintains, and optimizes on a weekly basis. He skillfully interprets real time data and works with clients to incorporate the results as needed to benefit on-site operations.  Mr. Rau has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography Environmental Studies from Millersville University.


Kyle Bartsch


Mr. Bartsch joined AirLogics in 2016.  He sets up, operates, and maintains our perimeter air monitoring equipment, and is adept at interpreting the resulting data. He collaborates closely with clients to interpret monitoring program data and adjust it, as needed, to maintain optimal performance of the air monitoring program. He also has specialized experience with wind assessments using 60-meter tilt-up towers. Mr. Bartsch has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science/Public Policy/Sustainable Development from Stockton University.


Marc Hudock

Senior Vice President / Principal-in-Charge

Mr. Hudock has over 25 years of experience in the environmental business. He has been with AirLogics’ parent company, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., since 2006.  In 2020, he took the helm of AirLogics as Operations Manager.  His role is to see that clients receive reliable, high quality service that meets applicable technical and regulatory requirements and is delivered within budget. Mr. Hudock’s experience with construction management projects and in environmental site remediation, as a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP), provides a wealth of practical knowledge for AirLogics clients planning and implementing Perimeter Air Monitoring programs.

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