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Neighborhood Air Quality & Environmental Justice

Environmental justice (EJ) initiatives and legislation are increasingly introduced at every level of government. This legislation will likely spur additional air quality monitoring requirements for the regulated community (industry) and may prompt communities or their representing non-governmental organization (NGOs) to introduce air quality compliance requirements.  We anticipate that ambient air monitoring equipment and data regarding air quality impacts will be called for where there has never been such monitoring before.  

Obtaining credible, high quality data produced by equipment such as that offered by AirLogics, is essential to these efforts.  Also, the regular equipment calibration and servicing we offer for our systems are critical to the reliability of the air quality monitoring programs you may undertake. With AirLogics, you can be confident of producing reliable, high-quality data that meets regulatory standards and maintains credibility with external stakeholders and the community.

A note about crowd-sourced data:  The increased availability of low-cost, “crowd sourced” air data and sensor networks may appear to be an easy solution, however, such equipment is often rendered unreliable by simple temperature and humidity changes—producing inferior data—and is therefore not recommended. 


Advance your neighborhood, facility, or community air quality monitoring program with credible, high-quality data collected by AirLogics’ equipment.

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