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Update on the NJDEP’s Draft Perimeter Air Monitoring Guidance Document

The NJDEP’s new draft Perimeter Air Monitoring Guidance Document is currently in Round 3 reviews with stakeholders. AirLogics’ professional staff have been given the opportunity to review and provide comments to the NJDEP. The document is expected to be released by the NJDEP in the late summer to early fall.

AirLogics has been performing perimeter air monitoring in New Jersey for nearly 25 years. We developed and patented a perimeter air monitoring system that has been used in the manufactured gas plant (MGP) remediation space in New Jersey (and also around the country). This experience has prepared us for this moment in the history of site remediation in New Jersey when perimeter air monitoring will be required for LSRPs.

Reach out to AirLogics for your perimeter air monitoring needs in New Jersey. We are ready to help you succeed!

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