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Air-quality monitoring leader AirLogics unveils new technology, executive team

Updated: Apr 19, 2022


WEST BERLIN, N.J., November 18, 2021—AirLogics, a leading national provider of air quality monitoring solutions, today announced an expanded suite of technologies and measuring capabilities, a revamped company website, and new senior executive leadership.

AirLogics leads the industry in providing actionable, real-time data to clients that can help them immediately identify potential emissions and begin corrective action to reduce liability, manage risk, and improve community relations.

Over the past two decades, AirLogics has supported clients in deploying air monitoring programs for remediation of more than 190 sites in 18 states, including many former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites. The company’s capabilities also include supporting demolition, indoor air quality measurement, industrial and commercial applications, and neighborhood air quality/environmental justice monitoring initiatives.

Among new technologies and capabilities AirLogics is announcing today:

New lightweight, mobile AQS-1 and DUST SENTRY air monitoring systems manufactured for AirLogics by AeroQual, which can detect total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dust in real time. The AQS is designed to be modular and can accommodate a wide range of other monitoring instruments, including those that can detect ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and noise. The AQS is known for its “near-reference” quality meters and come with highly durable nephelometers and humidity control.

  • Upgrades to the AirLogics “Classic” system that includes a new field gas chromatograph (GC) that can detect chlorinated solvents and deliver real-time data to web-enabled devices by cellular networks. The new patented compact GC is designed for quick separation and detection of VOC mixtures. Its high sensitivity provides for lower detection limits, without affecting operational performance and uptime..

  • Use of a new photoionization detector (PID) in the AirLogics SolarLite system, custom-made for AirLogics. The new PID is much more stable than typical PIDs and produces very little drift from the calibrated baseline.

  • Additionally, GZA Senior Principal Marc Hudock has taken the role of Operations Manager for AirLogics, succeeding AirLogics founder and patent holder Adam Fasano, who has retired. William McLellan, who has been with AirLogics for 23 years, continues in his role as Senior Technical Specialist and Field Operations Manager.

The company has also launched an all-new website with expanded information about device applications and specifications.

“This is an exciting new chapter for AirLogics as we launch a new suite of technologies and capabilities. We remain committed to the core value that’s driven this company since 2000: We provide the most advanced, most reliable air quality management instrumentation available in North America and help our clients design, implement, and manage their air quality monitoring to achieve their site- and risk-management goals. We continue to provide our clients a fully outsourced, professional monitoring service,’’ Hudock said.

About AirLogics, LLC

AirLogics, LLC, a subsidiary of GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc., provides comprehensive perimeter air monitoring services to clients engaged in environmental site remediation, Manufactured Gas Plant sites, and other site applications including demolition and construction projects. The AirLogics system utilizes patented technology and is based on an automated network of field monitoring stations linked by radio telemetry or cellular networks to provide site operators with real-time air quality data and operational warnings.

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