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AirLogics marks 200th perimeter air quality monitoring installation, introduces Classic “2.0” System

The 200th installation of our perimeter air quality monitoring equipment is a proud milestone for AirLogics, even more so because this deployment features our enhanced Classic model, now referred to as the Classic 2.0.

AirLogics’ Classic 2.0 incorporates enhancements to our proprietary Classic model, including a new state-of-the-art field gas chromatograph (GC) and an independently operated PID.

The Classic 2.0 measures, in real time:

  • total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs),

  • particulates/dust, and

  • compound-specific VOCs including BTEX, chlorinated solvents, and hundreds of other compounds.

And this new “smart” system can be programmed to trigger on-board sensors. For example, when the PID reaches a designated action level, it activates the GC’s compound-specific analysis and/or collects confirmatory samples through Summa canisters attached to the system.

The Classic 2.0 is ideal for environmental remediation sites with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or industrial sites with emissions that require compound-specific data for VOCs.

The Classic 2.0 system also features:

  • cellular communications

  • a cloud-based data storage, management, and visualization platform.

  • Less frequent calibration requirements result in operational and cost efficiencies

  • Smaller, inexpensive recyclable quick change compressed helium cartridges provide the carrier gas for the GC. No more big heavy expensive gas cylinders!

The 200th installation will be at a Site undergoing remediation in New York City.

Combining professional consulting services delivered by credentialed and experienced engineers and scientists with unrivaled technology, AirLogics’ supports demolition activities, indoor air quality measurement, industrial and commercial applications, and neighborhood air quality/environmental justice monitoring initiatives. To date, AirLogics monitoring systems have been deployed at locations in 18 U.S. states.

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